Serving High School Feeder Programs on Seattle's Eastside

Serving High School Feeder Programs on Seattle's Eastside

The Eastside Travel League promotes great sportsmanship and healthy youth basketball competition, while providing the opportunity for community based programs to develop players and teams to compete against one another.

The Eastside Traveling League (ETL) is comprised of 18 girls and 19 boys High School basketball feeder programs located on the Eastside of Seattle.

Each “feeder” program participating in ETL is made up of teams grades 4 through 8 who will eventually attend the same high school.

The primary goal of the League is to develop future high school basketball players within the region.

ETL regular season runs from early December through the last week of February, followed by the ETL Championship Tournament the first weekend in March.

During the 2nd weekend in March the ETL vs. Wesco Feeder Bowl matches the two premier high school feeder leagues in a Ryder Cup tournament format. Rather than crowning a single team champion at each grade level, the two leagues compete against one another for the highest point total across all grade levels to determine the winner.