Eastside Travel League: Policy on behavior directed at game officials

Policy for Behavior Towards Officials 

The ETL is committed to creating a game day environment wherein respect is afforded to all  participants, including our partner game officials. As a league, we understand that the current  culture in youth sports has had a detrimental effect for our partner officials’ organizations;  specifically, by hindering their ability to recruit and retain game officials. 

The Sportsmanship Rule should be followed at all times. See sections 4.3.1 of the League Rules and Standards for amplification and ramifications for infractions.

Referees and gym monitors must work together to ensure a gym atmosphere that allows for safe, respectful interactions between players, volunteers, officials and spectators. The ETL empowers both officials and gym monitors to take the necessary steps to create an optimal playing environment. To that end:

  • Officials who deem any person(s) in the gym to be abusive towards official(s) may remove that person with the assistance of the gym monitor or home coach if the gym monitor isn’t available or able to assist. Official discretion will be exercised when determining if a warning(s) is/are warranted. 
  • Gym monitors may remove any person(s) in the gym who act abusive towards other fans, volunteers, players and coaches. Gym monitor discretion will be exercised when determining if a warning(s) is/are warranted.