Eastside Traveling League Rules of Play - Boys

The Home Team is responsible for making a copy of these rules available to the referees prior to each game. The rules should be kept at the scorer’s table during each game.

Coaches have no authority to change or modify the rules published herein. Coaches found playing by modified rules are subject to disciplinary action by the ETL Board.

All grades will play by Washington State high school basketball rules with the following exceptions:

  • Games at all grades are 8-minute stop clock quarters.
  • Half time for all grades are 5 minutes
  • Three :60 and two :30 timeouts are granted per game.
  • Overtimes are 4 minutes with one additional full timeout per overtime
  • No shot clock

Technical Fouls

The ETL follows WIAA high school rules for technical fouls. When a technical foul is assessed, the opposing team is awarded two free throws plus possession of the ball after the free throws.

4th & 5th Grade Supplemental Rules

  1. No zone defenses
  2. Double teams are allowed only inside the 3-point arc.
  3. Basketball size shall be intermediate (28.5” in circumference)
  4. No Shot Clock

6th Grade Supplemental Rules

  1. High School rules – No Shot Clock
  2. Basketball size shall be intermediate (28.5” in circumference)

7th Grade Supplemental Rules

  1. High School rules – No Shot Clock

8th Grade Supplemental Rules

  1. High School rules – No Shot Clock


No Zone Defense Rule (4th & 5th grade only)

Teams at the 4th and 5th grade level may not play a zone defense at any time.

This rule is intended to eliminate isolation plays by the offensive team and instill team play, while teaching team defensive concepts at the 4th and 5th grade levels.

No double-teaming of the ball anywhere on the floor, except within the offense’s 3-point arc. Once the ball is advanced inside the 3-point arc, any defensive player may double-team the ball.

If a coach feels the other team is playing zone defense, this should be brought up to the officials. Multiple infractions of this rule can result in penalties being assessed by the ETL board.

Zone Defense (4th & 5th grade only)

A zone infraction can only be called if a defensive man is guarding an area -- not if the defensive man is attempting to guard his man or trap the ball within the 3-point arc.

In the back court players must guard a man and adhere to the six foot rule. There are no traps or double teams.


Mercy Rule (all grades)

Backcourt press is not allowed by the leading team after a 20-point difference in the score has been reached. Furthermore, the leading team must retreat to inside the half-court line while defending.

If the lead shrinks to 15 points or less, the leading team may again back court press but only until the 20 point difference is reached. Should this rule be violated, the leading team will be issued a warning for the 1st infraction. A technical foul shall be issued after the 2nd warning is issued. These 2 points are not automatic and must be shot.

Sportsmanship Rule

To enhance the sportsmanship in the games and to reduce demeaning behavior by coaches, players and/or fans:

  1. Each Facility that is hosting the games must provide a gym supervisor/monitor.
    • This person will be present at all games.
    • Must identify themselves to the officials and coaches.
    • Help maintain the parent code of conduct.
    • Remove or calm unruly fans for either team.
    • Provide a copy of the league rules to the officials and review any pertinent rules for that level of play.
  2. PNBOA will make available a copy of the ETL rules to each official. The official will enforce all rules as outlined for the league.
  3. Unruly behavior will result in a technical foul being assessed to the head coach and the unruly fan will be removed from the facility. If the fan will not leave the facility the game will be immediately forfeited.
  4. The second technical foul in the same game due to fan behavior will result in a forfeit by that team.
  5. The second forfeit due to fan behavior will result in the removal of that team from further league play and tournament play.
  6. Enforce mercy rule at all times.

Program/Game Participation

  1. Individual Players can only play for one ETL program during a season.
  2. Individual Players can play for more than one team within a single program.
  3. Individual Players can play the grade above but they may not play the grade below.
  4. Those players playing up a grade will have their name included on both rosters of the teams they play on.
  5. For Regular Season ETL games, regardless of how many teams an individual plays for he is limited to a maximum of playing in 4 total quarters that day.
    • An Individual Player may play in Overtime/Sudden Death in addition to the 4 quarters.
    • In the case of double header regular season games, any individual player is limited to the maximum 4 quarters playing time vs each program it plays that day. (The quarters do not 'carry over' from games played the same day vs different programs).
  6. For ETL end of season tournament games, individual players must declare one team to play for, and may not play for more than one team.
  7. By definition, any one clock second of playing time in a particular quarter is counted as a full quarter worth of playing time toward the 4 quarter daily maximum.

Rules need to be with coaches and at the scorer’s table at each game.