Player Eligibility Rule

This document describes player eligibility rules for all programs in ETL.

The spirit of ETL player eligibility is:

  1. That all players in the league play for the Program that feeds where they will attend high school.
  2. That all players in the league live or attend school within the boundary of an ETL member program.

To be eligible to play for ETL programs feeding Public High Schools, players must either:

  1. Reside within the boundary of the public high school they represent; or
  2. Have a parent who works for the high school of the feeder program in question.

Any player who meets one of these two requirements does not have to submit a waiver request to be eligible. Any player not meeting one of these requirements must get an eligibility waiver approved to participate in ETL. Any player wishing to play in ETL but not living within one of the ETL member program boundaries likely will not be granted a waiver approval.

*In situations where the same junior high or middle school feeds different high schools, waivers are created where the player wants to play in a program other than the one his home address dictates.

*In school districts where the boundaries are known to be changing due to school addition, ETL uses the boundaries in place up until the feeder program representing the new high school is actually a member of the league. At that time, the new boundaries will be adopted by ETL. Similarly, if a school is closing, the boundaries remain in place until the program actually leaves the league.

The process for waiver approval is:

  1. If the player is coming from another ETL Program member, both the ETL Executive Board and originating (‘releasing’) Program must approve the waiver; or
  2. If the player is from outside the boundary of any ETL Program, both the ‘receiving’ Program and the ETL Exec board must approve. All eligibility waiver requests must utilize the league provided waiver form.
  3. Each ETL program must submit rosters for each of its teams prior to the start of the season per the prescribed process. All information must be completely filled in. Players must be on the roster submitted at the beginning of the season in order to be eligible for ETL regular season, postseason or Feeder Bowl participation.
  4. All rosters are to be held CONFIDENTIAL to protect players’ identities. Safety is of prime concern to the League. Keeping player identity protected is crucial to that safety. Any request for roster information is made to ETL Executive Board. Only League Directors may request a copy of another Program’s roster. If access is granted, the Director will review the info with the understanding that each roster is to remain protected information.
  5. Players may play up a grade during the ETL season but cannot play down a grade. Example: A 6th grade player may play up on a 7th grade team, however a 6th grader may not play 5th grade.
  6. All eligibility issues or disputes will be reviewed by the league Executive Board. During an eligibility dispute for any particular player, the player under review is not eligible to play in an ETL game until their dispute is settled.
  7. The consequence for a Program having an ineligible player will be determined by the ETL Executive Board. The Executive Board reserves the right to apply any consequence it deems appropriate including permanent or partial suspension of the player, other consequences or no consequence.
  8. A player who would normally make the team should not be cut for a player who waivers into the program.